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If you’re into using your super MYnd powers in a fun card game, then find out more about MYnd Kraft and check out how to play MYnd Kraft.

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About MYnd Kraft

MYnd Kraft is the programming version of UNO, Scrabble and Poker all mashed together in one quirky card game! It’s a highly dynamic game for the young, the old and every MYnd in between to use their super MYnd powers! 

Mynd Kraft is super simple to understand, easy to play and what’s really cool about Mynd Kraft is that there are 7 MYnd blowing games that could be played with 1 card deck. Some of the games are suited for ages 7+ while the other more strategic games are suitable for ages 11-99! There’s even a game that’s played in teams. With 7 games, there truly is a game for every MYnd out there! 


And if you’re up for the challenge, you can use your creative MYnd powers to create the next MYnd Kraft game using a deck of MYnd Kraft cards and we will name it after you!

Also, guess what……. MYnd Kraft is absolutely free!

​So if you’re into using your super MYnd powers in a fun card game or even up for the challenge of creating your own MYnd Kraft game, then MYnd Kraft is just for you!


Play MYnd Kraft

So how the game basically works is that there are two types of cards in the deck – Action Cards and Number Cards.

Action Cards present problems based on programming concepts that need to be solved using Number Cards. The symbols and values on Action Cards dictate the type of Number Cards (i.e. value and colour) that could be played to solve the Action Cards. Please click here to find out more.

Players score points for solving Action Cards and the player with the highest number of points wins the game. The score value of each card is indicated by the number of stars on the top right-hand corner / bottom left-hand corner of the card.


There are 7 MYnd blowing games packed into 1 MYnd Kraft card deck. 

The simplest of the 7 MYnd Kraft games. The game provides a gentle introduction to the underlying programming concepts introduced by Action Cards with each player in turn getting a chance to solve Action Cards and score points.

A fast-paced game, where players compete simultaneously (instead of in turn) to solve Action Cards and score points. Players need to think on their feet and respond quickly. The game requires accuracy and speed!

A game that challenges memory skills as Action Cards are revealed one at a time and players have to remember their location in order to solve them and score points.

A strategic game that challenges players to consider different permutations when solving Action Cards in order to score the highest points.

The ideal game for those who like playing for high stakes. A challenging game where players apply ‘game theory’ when wagering with the objective of winning as much as possible one pot at a time - similar to a game of poker.

The ideal game for those who like playing in teams. A strategic partnership game where players work in teams of two to solve as many Action Cards as possible and score points.

Not one for the faint-hearted! A strategic game, based on the tile placement mechanism similar to Scrabble.

The educational side of the game…  

In addition to being an awesome card game, MYnd Kraft is also a great tool to help introduce and teach the basic principles of programming in a fun, exciting and interactive way. The game encourages the development of logical, strategic and critical thinking and problem solving skills. 

MYnd Kraft is a great unplugged STEM tool!  

The programming concepts introduced in the game are:

When using the game to introduce and teach the basics of programming, please use the Guide to Programming Concepts Introduced in the Game as an aid.


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